Custom Jewellery

Here is my process, step by step...

Custom Jewellery

Here is my process, step by step...
Custom Designed Engagement Ring

Getting to Know You

Firstly, It is helpful to know a little about you and if you have any inspiration or style preferences for your piece. You can share your images or references if you have any. I will design the piece according to your preferences and budget. Heirloom redesigns are always welcome.
Stone Selection - Custom Design Process

Stone Selection

One of the most exciting steps is selecting your gemstone. The design really comes to life around the stone, so we will discuss the type of stone, cut, size, and color of your preference before I source out your gem.
Custom Jewellery Design Process


Once we have the stone(s) then I will start designing the details of the ring. I begin with hand sketches that we will review together to decide on a final direction. Next the design will be computer rendered or hand carved as a wax model.
Fabrication Process - Custom Jewellery Design


At this multifaceted stage the gold smithing magic happens. Using the ancient process of lost wax casting, gold is heated to molten temperatures and poured to take the shape of the wax model. When the gold has cooled it is washed to remove the plaster then carefully sanded and polished before it is ready for stone setting.

I work with a professional stone setter to ensure the gems are expertly secured to the highest industry standards. After a final inspection the new piece will now be ready for shipping or to pick up in person and begin its journey with you.